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Passion Prayer

First, an addition to your virtual library: I would like to recommend for you a source site I’ve used often — A Christian Thinktank. The author, Glenn Miller, is a computer guy like me, and also has a good education … Continue reading

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Another Lesson in Prophecy

It seems a good time to offer another lesson in prophetic ministry. Here the main point is time, in that our fallen nature handles it very poorly. One major element in the Curse of the Fall is a high sensitivity … Continue reading

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On Divine Feminine Nature

There’s a lot of noise about whether God has a feminine side. It came up again in some offline discussion around here and my thoughts are noncommittal. First, there is some ambivalence about how the ancients approached this question. There … Continue reading

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And We Ain’t

Israel was taken into exile because of idolatry. Granted, part of the problem was how very similar the rituals of Temple worship were to those for the various Baals. In the mind of too many Israelis, it was a case … Continue reading

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Linguistic Cynicism

Just for the record: My use of Oester and Odin as symbols are a matter of semantic choice; it’s grammar in the sense of usage — what’s familiar to the broadest portion of the reading audience. One of the few … Continue reading

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Misguiding Spirits

What can you do with it? Keep in mind the fundamentals of moral logic. Stated more expansively, I’m asking that you make that conscious effort to defer to your convictions, written on your heart by the finger of God. Keep … Continue reading

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Bible History Note: Invasions

What we see in the Bible as historical narrative is hardly the only thing happening in those places at that time. There is a wealth of historical background that the writers assumed readers would know. They wrote for their own … Continue reading

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