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We Are Alien Invaders

Jesus made multiple references to His Kingdom as “not of this world.” Here’s a partial list: John 8:21-25; 14:28-30; and 18:34-38. His disciples filled the New Testament letters with even more such references. His true Kingdom has always been rooted … Continue reading

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The Image of Power

You must find your own balance point, and it will always be contextual. It’s a dynamic thing that requires constant attention and prayer, seeking the sweet spot where God’s glory in your life shines brightest, and where moral peace is … Continue reading

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Substance Abuse and the Idolatry of Beowulf

The so-called War on Drug Abuse is immoral for a lot of reasons. What can we say from an approach to the question based on Biblical Law? Remember one basic principle: Any law is evil if there is no reasonable … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Booklet 6

6. All Creation is alive. That is, in the sense of how we conceptualize and act in God’s Creation, we cannot get it right if we don’t see it as living and active in its own right. It is not … Continue reading

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Unchained Vision, Part 5

Let’s take a moment to throw out some junk doctrine. Let’s go back and search for truth among the eternal perspectives of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) peoples, of whom Israel was one nation. That was the setting God built … Continue reading

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Telling the Truth

Our Lord shines His glory in Creation. That expression is functionally the same as: He reveals Himself in and to His Creation. We reflect His glory by our willing participation in revealing Him. We reveal Him by obeying His call … Continue reading

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No Fear, Know the Truth

Preface: To the degree that you, dear Reader, walk with me in faith communion and heart conviction, you’ll have to understand where I’m coming from on things. Some of you are still struggling with this, so let’s review. God is … Continue reading

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