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Just Ranting about Stuff

I challenge you to search it out for yourself. Almost every mention in the Bible of justice and doing right boils down to protecting the members of society who are defenseless. It’s typically symbolized by the image of protecting orphans … Continue reading

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Giving Stuff Away

I do this every time I have more than I can use. Typically it goes okay when I use Craigslist, but I thought I might try it here on the blog. These are free and I’ll ship anywhere in the … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 9

Godly Giving 6:1-4 The message here is fairly obvious in most English translations of the New Testament. However, it’s easy to miss some of the flavor and context if you aren’t aware of the background. Matthew chooses the Greek word … Continue reading

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Watch How God Works

There are multiple revolutions taking place all at once. The most dangerous ones are in virtual space. On the one hand, you should expect to see some very serious efforts at Internet censorship during the Trump administration. On the other … Continue reading

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Stop Being Nice

Some years ago I walked into the local Sam’s Club warehouse store and was confronted by rolling racks filled with heavy winter parkas. Digging through this display, I found one that fit, a big old puffy down-filled thing and the … Continue reading

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Worldly Benevolence

We’ve come to expect it from government aid agencies, but why would a church treat the needy with the same bureaucratic abuse as the they get from the rest of the world? It takes a special kind of moral resignation … Continue reading

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I Was Just Trying to Help

Let’s explore some of the implications of the Doctrine of Leverage and all my blather about Christlike charity and moral sacrifice. We understand the necessity of standing back and suffering the empathy of those who hurt without taking action because … Continue reading

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