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Not a Movement

One of the things I confront often enough is the unconscious expectation that the religion of Radix Fidem could become a movement of some sort. That expectation is part of the activist urge that traps people’s minds, in the sense … Continue reading

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Information Activist 2

If “activist” means striving to force a change in government policy, then I am not one of them. It seems I often have to explain why we are not supposed to participate in democratic government: It’s fundamentally immoral. Democracy is … Continue reading

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Failure to Act Is No Sin

One of the greatest mistakes we make as believers is to surrender our allegiance to Christ in favor of allowing someone else to be our false Christ. The frantic urgency of activism assumes a self-evident course of action is the … Continue reading

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Untangling Activist Logic

Activist logic does not even qualify as decent Aristotelian logic. In order to reject the primacy of Aristotelian epistemology, I first had to understand it to some degree. This didn’t come as some dreamy longing for swords and sorcery. It … Continue reading

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Admin: New Permanent Article Up

I’ve decided it was worth writing a single definitive statement about Christian activism in the broader context of what I teach. I reiterate that the answers were there in my teaching, but good solid questions bring out a certain clarity … Continue reading

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