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Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

We who share in the Radix Fidem covenant say that churches have gotten lost. Instead of trying to fix this world, we believe the most important thing we do is help people to get out of it. The proper way … Continue reading

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What We Are

Continuing my encouragement of parishioners in building a Christian Culture, let’s look at some things people might notice. We aren’t Greens, but we have a powerful affinity for nature. You cannot distinguish between peace with God and communion with Creation. … Continue reading

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Meta-religion and the Reformation

We bother studying history and other social sciences so we can more intelligently recognize how we got where we are today, and contrast that against where God said we should be. We are then in a better position to plot … Continue reading

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New Page: Radix Fidem

God’s sense of timing is nothing like ours. In Scripture, we find ourselves confronted with a sense of “when it’s ready” or ripeness. I’ve avoided coming up with a name for the religion I teach here, content for many years … Continue reading

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Church of the Heart

We struggle to get Westerners to see beyond a single unitary universe. We further struggle to get them to see various levels within that one universe. The native conceptual instinct of Westerners is to see everything on the same concrete, … Continue reading

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The Stakes

With a certainty beyond certitude, I know that if I died right now, I would go to Heaven. However, to ask someone the question is a lousy pick-up line for evangelism. It’s also one of the dominant methods of evangelism … Continue reading

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Our Lord Answers Prayer

How often have I posted here that God has answered a request? Now imagine what a great many prayers I don’t mention here are still answered. In the next breath I warn you that your requests must be in pursuit … Continue reading

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