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Lord, Open Their Eyes

One of the primary consequences of the American Christian obsession with “going to Heaven” is the obvious estrangement from Biblical Law and the riches of living in shalom in the fallen world. It’s more than mere disconnected doctrine, though; it’s … Continue reading

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Fighting Babylon

This is in response to some offline questions. The Tower of Babel symbolizes a false religion used to oppress and to violate fundamental Biblical Law. The false religion was a form of astrology. The fundamental law transgression was an attempt … Continue reading

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Trump Will (Accidentally) Destroy Israel

I’ve said that The Cult thrives on tension. You might imagine that some day it would hope to actually take over the world, but that’s not how it works. Since The Cult is a demonic presence so the whole purpose … Continue reading

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Turn in the Path

Alright, parish; let me tell you what’s going on in my soul right now. Let’s restate some things. Reality has shifted over the past few weeks by increments. As Sister Christine puts it, most days we wake up in a … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Chatter

We went out in the car yesterday to see some countryside. I took my camera, of course, but all my shots turned out lifeless. And plenty of stuff I missed because there simply was no place to stop the car … Continue reading

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I Saw This One Coming

Just a reminder: Politics is a spectator sport for me. I have zero sympathy for any current political organization or agenda. No government on this earth does what God requires so there’s no point in taking sides with anyone. Back … Continue reading

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Sweet Nightmare

I was wide awake dreaming. I sat up in the bed and there at my feet was a TV. I hate TV. But I dreamed that it was on and I was watching the news. I kept dozing off and … Continue reading

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