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Stones of Conviction

There is no magic formula. In your everyday life, you experience all kinds of influences pushing you in different directions. Some are internal, some are merely internalized, and many are external. If all you have is sensory data and reason, … Continue reading

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The Path of the Heart

The heart-led way is the human default. It’s where we began back in Eden. The Fall didn’t close off the heart of conviction; it simply meant ignoring it in favor of the intellect. From that time forward, it was two … Continue reading

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British Israelism

Theology class today. If you have never heard of this wild heresy, I find little to dispute with the description on Wikipedia. It’s all well and good to call it a heresy, but if you think about it, you realize … Continue reading

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Baptists and The False Dichotomy

I’m going to pick on Baptists because I was one and know all the ugly details first-hand. I was a party to some of the propaganda battles, much to my shame. I noted in my series on The Cult that … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Complaint

Going back to the scattered fragments and passing references from the most ancient sources, we gain a rough outline of the primordial shepherd. Not so much as the one who owns and herds sheep, but as the head of household … Continue reading

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Meta-religion and the Reformation

We bother studying history and other social sciences so we can more intelligently recognize how we got where we are today, and contrast that against where God said we should be. We are then in a better position to plot … Continue reading

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Passim, Again

FYI, the car is back together. The new alternator works as advertised and I pray I never have to do that sort of work again. Arthritis can really dampen your enthusiasm for playing mechanic. Meanwhile, we are back on track … Continue reading

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