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Hear Here

I need to stop kidding myself. My hearing has declined enough that I have trouble picking up things like the notifications and voices over a smart phone. I’ve noticed this is an issue with both Android and iPhone. I know … Continue reading

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Political Cyber Warfare

Globalist idolatry is like a really huge beast: It’s not going to die quickly. I can’t offer a lot of concrete evidence. This is something that has been percolating all day in my soul — the golden age of the … Continue reading

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Technology: Keep Watch

We need to prepare for tribulation, which will include a vicious rise in censorship on the Internet. Here in the US, various government agencies have long practiced limited forms of disinformation and squelching those who told the truth. Now they … Continue reading

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Administrivia: New Phone

This is just an FYI. I ordered a nearly new but used Android phone on eBay from another customer using the same provider. Thus, the phone easily activated in my name and is quite usable. I’ve linked it to my … Continue reading

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Nitpicking with Hardware

In February it will be two years with my iPhone 5. I’ve come to hate it. Granted, it’s a good camera, not bad shooting videos, and I’ve enjoyed the GPS and mapping service. But it’s a crappy phone and totally … Continue reading

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The Courier 02

The next morning, he was told to be ready for VIPs. Barry wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, but he decided to smarten up the courier office a little. One was out with a broken leg, but the … Continue reading

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Feedback Request: Virtual Parish

I realize not every reader and subscriber regards himself/herself a member of this virtual parish, but on my “About” page I promised to treat you as one. That is, you hold all the same privileges as any other member; the … Continue reading

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