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Qualified Pacifism

Do you suppose they would call it “qualified pacifism”? I’m not sure giving it a name would make any difference, but it does make it easier to pull out a large concept if it has a handle. The problem we … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 9

Godly Giving 6:1-4 The message here is fairly obvious in most English translations of the New Testament. However, it’s easy to miss some of the flavor and context if you aren’t aware of the background. Matthew chooses the Greek word … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 8

Justice for Enemies 5:43-48 Jesus isn’t really arguing with the Talmudic traditions here. He’s arguing with common Pharisaical behavior. It’s hard to find anything resembling “hate your enemies” except perhaps in the Qumran Scrolls, where the Qumran community taught something … Continue reading

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Psalm 133

Here we have a gem that most Westerners miss, not because they don’t read it, but because they don’t get the full depth of meaning. The quintessence of all the biblical covenants together is fellowship and communion on a very … Continue reading

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Veiled Compassion

It’s not from me; it uses me. It’s hard to apply the compassion of my heart to people I’ve never met. What I can do is hold that compassion out there where others can see it. I already know by … Continue reading

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An Itch in the Moral Consciousness

The Cross was Christ’s greatest victory. I don’t need to dramatize the human suffering of Our Lord; God save us from people who gild the lily. But I wonder how much it cost Him to show compassion to Pilate? In … Continue reading

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