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What’s Going On 06

Just a little administrivia: I’ve finally finished the review of my notes on Matthew’s Gospel. I’ve posted it here. You can save that single webpage as a file and all the formatting is included. I’ve also added a new permanent … Continue reading

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Politically Agnostic

Hopefully I’ve established a model of clarity and acuity for things of this world. It’s not a question of objective truth; it’s a question of avoiding the trap of sloppy thinking that makes propaganda work to manipulate behavior. I’m trying … Continue reading

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Installing Linux Mint (Updated)

This is not a thorough and detailed explanation. Maybe I’ll write that book in the near future, but I wanted to offer a quick outline of things you should expect should you decide to sample Mint. Download your choice of … Continue reading

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New Old Vista

Has anyone else noticed that, since Vista is only valid for another year or so, that Vista users aren’t hounded with the Win10 upgrade nonsense? Also, consensus of heavy-duty security folks is that Vista was the most secure and private … Continue reading

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Mission Ready?

Something is missing. So we held our first genuine worship this morning in our new home. It went well enough; nobody complained about us singing. We went out later to use a gift card my wife received from her coworkers … Continue reading

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Linux Migration Services

For the record: I am willing to work for free for anyone or any agency that needs help installing and learning how to use Linux on the desktop, laptops, or as workstations in general. All the more so if you … Continue reading

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Called to Glory

It starts with your sense of divine calling. Everything in this life that matters at all will arise from that call. We can characterize the broad range of human response to the divine call, but we could hardly find words … Continue reading

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