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Premonition or Delusion?

This would normally be private reverie, but I want to make sure my parishioners have a clue what’s happening here. I’m writing this more for my own sense of moral focus than anything else. Something is absorbing a lot of … Continue reading

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Windows: I Give Up

Today one of my regular computer ministry clients called to tell me his computer updated to Win10 without his permission. He called to ask how he could get Win7 back. Aside from going on there with a Win7 install DVD, … Continue reading

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Another Mission, Method and Means Comment

I wrote in my private journal: There is a big difference between making Open Source your religion, Linux your sect, and the computer your church versus using these things as important tools in your religion. I call my religion “Kiln … Continue reading

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Shepherding and the Glimmer

Without that holy glimmer, you aren’t going to understand. The entire universe is under a curse. If you can’t at least humor me on that, I suggest you’ll waste your time reading this blog, because it’s the basic assumption behind … Continue reading

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Actively Non-activist and CompSec

If you are an activist of any sort, I might be able to help you with security. Context: I am not an activist. I am utterly certain that, while we might gain some simulacrum of limited political goals, the system … Continue reading

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CompSec: The Other CIA

Computers are essentially the means to data storage and processing. In that sense, data has value. Never mind theories about money and store of value; data is its own kind of thing. The whole business of computers and networking is … Continue reading

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Mission Technology and Technology Mission

In terms of our meat space activity, the mission always comes first. Nobody said you can’t have hobbies and entertainment, but you must evaluate them as to whether they hinder the mission. No one ever really grows up to the … Continue reading

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