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Stuck with the Virtual Swamp

The Internet is a gift from God. Everything in this world exists solely for His glory. It remains for us to discover how to use it for that purpose. That includes the Internet; it’s the greatest tool in human history … Continue reading

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Virtual Plowman

We are called to shine the glory of the Lord. In an ideal situation, the whole world would be consciously under the Covenant of Noah. But we don’t live in that world; we live in something very ugly, something God … Continue reading

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Cranking with Windows

I was playing with Win8 on an older system. At one point I logged into my Outlook account. Suddenly the system itself changed my login and instituted a password without telling me what it was; it was an identity I … Continue reading

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Social Media Hijack Vulnerabilities

I know that some of you still use Facebook; that’s your business. The problem is that Facebook is like the Borg in wanting to take over your virtual life. Stop and think about all the different services you know about … Continue reading

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On the Recent Hack of NSA Tools

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and the mainstream press has twisted this thing completely out of shape. They don’t have a clue what is really happening, but they’ll use anything as an excuse to stir up fear and … Continue reading

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Tactical Silence

You don’t get to read half of what I write. Would it surprise you that I write a lot of stuff just to gain some clarity on some thing? My heart knows, but my mind is still struggling with submission … Continue reading

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Compsec: Proof of What We Suspected

Maybe I was a little slow, but at some point I realized that digital security never was, for the most part. We who work or play in the field of computer security (CompSec) have been trading stories of government intrusion … Continue reading

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