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Bits and Pieces 31

We have freezing rain and sleet today. When we got up early this morning, it was 68°F (20C) — almost sweltering. By mid-morning a cold front blew in and the temperatures plunged. It’s below freezing now. And I’m fidgeting just … Continue reading

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Remember the Future

It’s been quite frustrating from the human point of view. It started with a simple service call to replace a couple of case fans on a computer I built for someone a few years ago. That computer then stopped working … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 30

My lower legs all scratched up from yesterday’s ride. Dragging a bike through heavy underbrush is not a recommended activity. But I still feel it was worth it to see that lovely shoreline. I’m trying to get used to working … Continue reading

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Administrivia: New Phone

This is just an FYI. I ordered a nearly new but used Android phone on eBay from another customer using the same provider. Thus, the phone easily activated in my name and is quite usable. I’ve linked it to my … Continue reading

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The Real Apocalypse

There’s a movie titled Virtual Revolution. It’s not hard to find and you can watch it on YouTube, if you feel like it. I’m not going to recommend it, though. I’ll save you some time: It depicts a dystopian future … Continue reading

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Giving Stuff Away

I do this every time I have more than I can use. Typically it goes okay when I use Craigslist, but I thought I might try it here on the blog. These are free and I’ll ship anywhere in the … Continue reading

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The Intel CPU Flaw Simplified

Maybe you’ve heard about this: Major Flaw in Millions of Intel Chips Revealed. Most of the reports assume too much about what you already know, or obfuscate things and miss the point. Bottom line: This flaw allows naughty software to … Continue reading

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