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Ubuntu 18.04 Hibernate and Suspend Fix

This tutorial assumes a limited familiarity with using Linux already. Most of this will be performed in a terminal emulator window. I recommend you maximize the window size and open two tabs or terminal windows for this. With one we … Continue reading

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Apartment Living and FedEx

First of all, members of the parish, the replacement tower has arrived. It’s nothing amazing, just an Optiplex 780 with moderate specs. It works; I’m using it to write this post. It was a simple matter of swapping out the … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Another Tower System

Update: A system has been ordered and is on the way. Thank you all. ———— Reminder: My tower system has a big problem and can no longer run in graphical mode. The GUI keeps locking up on random events. I … Continue reading

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Towering CLI

My tower is now a CLI machine. I thought it was an easy update from Xubuntu 16.04 to 18.04, but all I did was expose a problem with the hardware. I tested several other things, and while the sensitivity varied, … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 32

It was a bit of tribulation upgrading the tower from Xubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. But it’s working now and I’m looking forward to feature updates that should fix some of the nagging deficiencies. I think the new laptop will stay … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 31

We have freezing rain and sleet today. When we got up early this morning, it was 68°F (20C) — almost sweltering. By mid-morning a cold front blew in and the temperatures plunged. It’s below freezing now. And I’m fidgeting just … Continue reading

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Remember the Future

It’s been quite frustrating from the human point of view. It started with a simple service call to replace a couple of case fans on a computer I built for someone a few years ago. That computer then stopped working … Continue reading

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