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Nightmares Dissipate in the Light of Dawn

The intellect is a very ill-equipped master. It is incapable of doing it well because it wasn’t designed for that. One of the blessings of the heart ruling over the mind is that the mind can then relax and consider … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory: the Illuminati

Reminder: All human government is a conspiracy to rule. That there are genuine conspiracies is painfully obvious to anyone with basic awareness. That there are also a boatload of crazy wild tales to distract us from the real conspiracies is … Continue reading

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Not a “Conspiracy”

There has always been a ruling elite, people who regarded themselves above the common folks. Fasten your seat belts, because in order to keep this short, I have to make broad sweeping generalizations. Perhaps you are aware that the term … Continue reading

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Just My Opinion

As previously noted, we Americans are too hideously wide open to manipulation through guilt. It’s just too easy to use guilt and related negative emotions to restrict our behavior. It’s used in religion and politics alike to shut you up … Continue reading

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