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For Everything a Season

An issue in the mind of Simon the Pharisee in Luke 7 was that of defilement. For him, keeping oneself ceremonially clean was equivalent to holiness, and the key to God’s favor. Since he was scrupulous to maintain that ritual … Continue reading

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Stones of Conviction

There is no magic formula. In your everyday life, you experience all kinds of influences pushing you in different directions. Some are internal, some are merely internalized, and many are external. If all you have is sensory data and reason, … Continue reading

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The Clan of Radix Fidem

Bottom line: We are the Tribe of Christ. Within that great and massive tribe, we are the Clan of Radix Fidem. If you elect to be a part of this clan, there are loyalties and expectations. First and foremost, you … Continue reading

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Taste the Powers

The world at large has no advantage over us. Try to understand: The core of what makes us truly alive in this world is that heart-led connection to Creation. But it is also our connection to the Creator. Once you … Continue reading

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Covenant Manhood 02

You have to understand that, when you walk a heart-led life in full faith, Creation itself knows who you are, and will welcome you with open arms wherever you go. Your obedience to Biblical Law literally changes reality. Perhaps most … Continue reading

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They Will Eventually Ask

We can’t explain it. All we can do is peel back the layers of mental conditioning until the truth presents itself as your reality. It has to be yours or it won’t work at all. It’s personal, as following Christ … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:1-23

There is no clinical description possible; that’s the whole point of this passage. If you choose to invest your awareness into your convictions, you become sensitive to what those convictions have to say. In that sense, you are breathing life … Continue reading

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