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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:24-43

This is about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus contrasts its nature with that of human kingdoms. The key is His quotation (v. 35) from Psalms 78:1-4. The context of the psalm is a reminder that the language of parables was … Continue reading

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Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

We who share in the Radix Fidem covenant say that churches have gotten lost. Instead of trying to fix this world, we believe the most important thing we do is help people to get out of it. The proper way … Continue reading

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A Taste of Shalom

You really should check out the Radix Fidem forum linked over on the right side here under the “Blogroll” heading. Good things are happening there. When you first shift your conscious awareness over to the heart-led way, it can be … Continue reading

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Ain’t Happenin’ Here

Seven days without worship makes one weak. That’s an old pun — week/weak. Let’s pretend for a moment that I wasn’t able to post on my blog for a week or so. Let’s pretend further you all knew why, so … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 09 Implications

If you understand these things, you would hardly be surprised at what characterizes our behavior under this covenant. We prefer natural settings for worship. At the same time, we as individuals tend to worship privately all day every day. It’s … Continue reading

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A Christmas Gift

We’ll suspend the book for one day while I offer this Christmas present. I wish I had to the words for it. This is a vision; not the kind that appear before you, but the kind that grows organically from … Continue reading

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A Different World

Imagine it: A community of folks living on some rural land. Nothing kinky, just sharing some space and working the land in harmony with nature, and maybe some folks working in other places. They educate their own children, worship together … Continue reading

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