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Patient Heart, Clear Head

An offline discussion inspires me to write a review of some things. There are, in fact, more conspiracies than you can shake a stick at; most theories about conspiracies have major flaws. Too often they are based on false assumptions. … Continue reading

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Filling the Void

Stop for a moment and focus. Listen to your heart. How empty must a man be to invest millions of dollars in a private island for which the sole purpose is getting away with child molestation? Perhaps we could understand … Continue reading

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There Would Be Nothing Left

If you boycotted every business that was dishonest, you would buy nothing at all from anyone. If you protested every agency that harbored secret corruption, there would be nothing left that you didn’t protest. That may be fine for a … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 14

I’m going to pare this article down to its essence. First there is a high correlation between locations in the US where there is a high percentage of: 1. Undocumented immigrants 2. Urban areas controlled by Democrats 3. MS-13 arrests … Continue reading

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The Fixer 09

The next attempt targeted Ned. It was just two days later that Tim had sent him down to the state’s corporation records office. For once, they were on a case trying absolve someone — a senator — of false accusations. … Continue reading

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The Fixer 08

They knew that police protection was out of the question; Tim wasn’t a VIP. Things had really changed in urban areas like the one flung out around the seat of government. Before the introduction of energy weapons, police departments had … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Heart Hospital Is Grossly Incompetent

Let me make this clear: You may well receive very good medical care from Oklahoma Heart Hospital. However, their accounting and billing operation is so pitifully incompetent it borders on criminal negligence in my opinion. Let me explain. We all … Continue reading

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