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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 03

Making a deity of any part of yourself is a poor substitute for reaching out to eternity. Some of you may have heard of B.F. Skinner and his theory that human personality is nothing more than the net result of … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 01 A Matter for the Heart

The Bible offers an entirely different anthropology than is common in the West. The previous chapter sets the stage for adopting a different mind set. But of course, that’s just mowing down the old crop previously cultivated on the roots … Continue reading

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Advances in Self-awareness

I’ve mentioned in the past that a part of good religion is a good anthropology. In our case, that means having a good grasp on human nature, in the sense of how we are designed. My contention is that the … Continue reading

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After further consideration, I believe it will be more to the point if we call this proposed course A Course in Biblical Mysticism. As such, this course will be almost Cultural Anthropology. It is comparative civilization; I’m explaining the biblical … Continue reading

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