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Photography: Draper East Again

Yesterday was unusually warm for this time of year; above 60°F (16C) all day. Since I knew a cold front was coming today, I decided to shift my workout schedule around and make one last exploration bike ride ride to … Continue reading

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Photography: Draper East Shore

There are a few areas on the east shore of Draper Lake I hadn’t explored last year. Yesterday was the right weather for resuming that. The map shows a substantial peninsula connected to SE 119th Street. The lavender numbers indicate … Continue reading

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Last Warm Days on the River

It’s the last few warm days of the years and I rode the River Trails to Portland Avenue and back. The route took me past Eagle Lake. There are no eagles around here; it’s a reference to the high school … Continue reading

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Maneuvering Heart

Just two weeks ago on a trip around Draper Lake, these purple flowers were all over the place. Fall is the only time they blossom. This week, after two nights down in the 40s F (≃ 5C) they have disappeared. … Continue reading

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Time Not Wasted

On the route I call the Sooner Corridor, I cross a bridge over Crutch Creek near Interstate 40 and no local agency wants to take responsibility for trimming the foliage. In this first image, this is after a full summer’s … Continue reading

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Saddle Up

Faith assumes that your senses and reason aren’t all that trustworthy (Hebrews 11:1). Faith makes room for out-of-body experiences because God wants to equip you for serving Him (2 Corinthians 12). And faith warns you that visions and dreams aren’t … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

Photographers know that sometimes the beauty is the whole scene, and sometimes it is some small portion hidden in the middle of a lot of clutter. I don’t choose the images; they call to me and I shoot. It speaks … Continue reading

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