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The slaughter in New Zealand is not what it appears, and certainly not what most news outlets and commentators tell you it is. The people who really know will surely not tell us. We are fallen creatures, incapable of living … Continue reading

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A Light in the Darkness

Statistical correlation is not prejudice. Experiential correlation is also not prejudice. What you make of such correlations may be prejudice, but it’s almost impossible for another person to prove without your cooperation. There are so few people making a good … Continue reading

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DNC Leaks and Computer Forensics

For those of you curious about how we do computer forensic work, here’s a short video that explains how we know that the DNC email leaks during the presidential election were an inside job. I admit that I receive darn … Continue reading

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Anything but the Truth

Just for the record: The most important thing you can do for yourself is discern your own sense of conviction. Religion is a human response to some unseen power moving in the soul. In our Western world, totally lacking in … Continue reading

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You Cannot Trust Reality

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. You proceed along some route of travel and suddenly some other traveler appears out of nowhere. Maybe you collide or maybe you just get a shock from how near you came … Continue reading

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A Christian Heart Is Deeply Cynical

On the one hand, rational objectivity is a myth. It’s a myth in the one most important sense that you’ll never see evidence of it when humans make decisions on behalf of others, that thing we call “government policy.” The … Continue reading

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Divine Tolerance

If you take yourself too seriously, you cannot follow Christ. Holy Cynicism is not dismissive of humanity, but of human motivations. When we keep in mind that this entire universe is a deception, locked under the Curse of the Fall, … Continue reading

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