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Divine Tolerance

If you take yourself too seriously, you cannot follow Christ. Holy Cynicism is not dismissive of humanity, but of human motivations. When we keep in mind that this entire universe is a deception, locked under the Curse of the Fall, … Continue reading

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EH&D 9

(This is a serialization of the draft for my book, Expectations, Hopes and Dreams.) Action If the rich and powerful are aliens to the common folks, we who are spiritual are even more alien to all of them together. Nothing … Continue reading

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Governments Lie

Humans are disgusting creatures. They seek control that they cannot possibly hold over things that are mostly none of their business. One human is a living disaster; aggregate humans into groups and the disaster grows exponentially. Not only do they … Continue reading

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Scientists Are Not God

Scientists, and other people who represent the cream of human intelligence and wisdom, should not be trusted any more than the psychopaths who rule in governments. There are good reasons for this: 1. Scientists, by the very nature of their … Continue reading

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