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Keeping Track of Stuff

Contemplate the moral fabric with your heart. Consider the known history of humanity. It makes no difference what anyone suggests or promotes or agitates for, because the outcome is already in plain sight. First, let’s describe what we are not … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Smoke and Mirrors

One of the biggest lies told today is that people matter in our system. Aside from a few hyped policy matters, almost nothing in the US government agenda has changed one iota since the last election. Putin himself said as … Continue reading

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Golem of Oppression

I’m not the only one proclaiming that God’s wrath is falling upon America. I’m not in a position to say it falls on other nations, and have no particular burden to wonder about them. Given the American affinity for global … Continue reading

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Just Thinking — Or Not

This is your chance to get to know me a little better. I share what follows as a consequence of my divine calling, but this is not central to my message. While there are prophetic elements, I’ll note carefully when … Continue reading

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EH&D 7

(This is a serialization of the draft for my book, Expectations, Hopes and Dreams.) False Activism There is a sense in which all activism is inherently false. That’s because the concept of democracy is one of the most harmful mythologies … Continue reading

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Booming, Buzzing Bullhorns

My mission is the message, not some bloody battle for ephemeral gains. Regular readers already know it. I do not support the recent government attempt to dispossess Bundy and his family and cattle. I do not support armed resistance against … Continue reading

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Political Dead Ends

My flesh is hesitant to discuss it, but my spirit drives through to the truth: Political activism is downright stupid. Let’s talk reality, dear political activists. If all you want is a slice of the pie, you can get it. … Continue reading

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