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Too Late for Regret

I’m ready. Having spent this long listening to the convictions in my heart, I can’t go back. At whatever cost, I’m staying on this path. On the one hand, I could arrange for your inspection a list of proofs that … Continue reading

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Still No Apocalypse

First, let me refer you to an article that might be worth your time: There’s no meat left on that bone. There isn’t even a bone left. There’s only a debt-ridden mirage of a bone. If you’re looking to define … Continue reading

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Watch How God Works

There are multiple revolutions taking place all at once. The most dangerous ones are in virtual space. On the one hand, you should expect to see some very serious efforts at Internet censorship during the Trump administration. On the other … Continue reading

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Equipment Update

Just so you’ll know, because some of you care… Someone has come forward with a donation for a replacement recliner chair. I’ve called the chosen vendor (Mathis Brothers — they have a long history in this city) and I’ve contacted … Continue reading

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Heart Memories

But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatever I have said to you. (John 14:26 MKJV) Don’t assume this somehow … Continue reading

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Photolog 16: Thunderbird Lake

This time I wasn’t going to accept failure. After using Google Street View as a sort of recon, I decided to take a different approach in case the washouts weren’t all fixed. Today’s ride began like the Brutal Loop, heading … Continue reading

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Photolog: Settling a Mystery

For a very long time, the maps all showed the snaking road along the flood bank of the North Canadian River connecting NE 63rd and Indian Meridian as private land and no thoroughfare. Then, a couple of years ago, the … Continue reading

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