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How Faith Works

Your commitment to Christ is the starting point for everything. As with the rest of Creation, the human body has a rhythm and cycles of its own. Anyone with a good body consciousness can tell it, but it shows up … Continue reading

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Biking in Glory

I’ve been riding this week. The rides weren’t remarkable. Indeed, I went out mostly for the exercise, having no particular complex questions in my mind. I took only a few pictures; these were rides I’ve taken before dozens of times … Continue reading

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Discerning Paths

We are healers. We who live by the heart of moral consciousness bring our faith and convictions to bear in a fallen world. We have found that path of the Flaming Sword back to Eden, and it is our mandate … Continue reading

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The Second Man

I’m sure my regular readers will understand: On the one hand, there are no words for it. On the other hand, I can try to indicate something about this so you can share in my portion of sweet shalom from … Continue reading

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Decay Is Renewal

Urban decay is a renewal of nature. Today I was testing my iPhone camera and I’m embarrassed to discover it is roughly as good as the little pocket camera I used the past two years, and it’s smaller and comes … Continue reading

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