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Shredding the Cult of Babel

Take a fresh glance at Revelation 18. Keep in mind that I teach Revelation is mostly a matter of how God does things on this earth, and not so much a precise prediction of what is going to happen. It’s … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:24-43

This is about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus contrasts its nature with that of human kingdoms. The key is His quotation (v. 35) from Psalms 78:1-4. The context of the psalm is a reminder that the language of parables was … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:1-23

There is no clinical description possible; that’s the whole point of this passage. If you choose to invest your awareness into your convictions, you become sensitive to what those convictions have to say. In that sense, you are breathing life … Continue reading

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The Hedgerow of Lies 1

My soul is provoked about something. Teaching is a major element in my mission; it’s a major element in how I serve as elder. Were there no virtual parish at all here, I would still consider myself a teaching elder. … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 20

Jesus uses another common parable from the Talmud. It was widely known in that part of the world that during rainy season, it could fall in torrents, rinsing the rocky places bare and flooding the wadis. Jesus could have easily … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 19

False Disciples 7:21-23 Jesus continues the thought in the previous lesson — there are false prophets and false disciples. The same criterion applies; it’s not enough to observe protocol. There has to be a solid connection with the heart and … Continue reading

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Don’t Reverse Course

I rather expected yesterday’s post would be hard to take. Maybe it was the choice of words, but I think most of my readers got it. The biggest problem is that “racism” has almost no definition at all; it’s just … Continue reading

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