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Adjust Your Perceptions

You cannot know Christ without your heart. It may well be you are His, bought with a price, but you cannot truly know Him without a mystical encounter through your heart-mind. It’s not a question of sentiment, though it will … Continue reading

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The Vast Reaches of Eden

The Kingdom of Heaven bears fruit; that is its nature. We are fallen creatures, expelled from Eden and the Tree of Life. Our existence is not what God intended, and He has taken the initiative to restore us. God has … Continue reading

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Feudal, Covenantal, Personal and Contextual

Creation is alive, sentient and willful. I could as easily use the noun “reality” and it still fits. We could say the same with Biblical Law, because it is synonymous with “the Word of God” and “the will of God.” … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday…

Put your hand to the plow and don’t look back (Luke 9:62). This past week has been a time of irrevocable decisions. My heart tells me it has been the same for a lot of people. The whole world has … Continue reading

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Nothing Less Will Do

No compromise: The nature of The Fall was enthroning human reason over the superior moral wisdom of the heart-mind. The Curse of the Fall is so deeply ingrained that we struggle to find words to explain it. Casual readers are … Continue reading

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Radix Fidem Booklet 5

5. The Law Covenants symbolize the nature of reality itself. We are fallen creatures and unable to natively discern how to live. We are beholden to God’s Law Covenants in the sense that they manifest how He intends we should … Continue reading

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Psalms 144

This is one of David’s battle hymns with quotations from several other psalms. It draws the image of someone fully confident in a God who has already shown His great power against enemies of the Covenant. David never forgets that … Continue reading

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