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That Epistemology Thing Again

The core of cyber warfare is disinformation. Propaganda has never been more potent than it has become on the Internet. The problem is not mere data and facts, but the mythology that is built from a particular orientation. Thus, the … Continue reading

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Are You Paying Attention?

Just a reminder: Seldom will I advocate for the world around me to change how things are done. I am an advocate for DIY and self-reliance, forging a path through the bad policy and social custom that hinders your free … Continue reading

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Open Source Life

You can run into various terms when researching it — DIY, hacking this-or-that — but the skills and methodology mean nothing if you don’t sense a drive for it. It arises from recognizing that someone is trying to control your … Continue reading

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Progress: DIY

I’ve ditched the cane, now. I hobble around with the brace, walking slowly and making sure the leg swings the full range of motion with each stride so as to gently stretch everything. The brace was killing me, though. It … Continue reading

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