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Be Found Faithful

This is not prophecy, per se, but an exercise in sensing the moral drift of things. The manosphere is folding, says Jack, and I agree. The lessons learned have hardly been lost, but the nature of the movement is evolving. … Continue reading

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Manhood: Out of Bounds

Know your domain. Second-guessing God is a fool’s errand. One of the most important strategies in manhood is keeping the focus on your mission and calling in life. A critical element in that strategy is portraying the sense of certainty … Continue reading

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Foul Winds

The fundamental concept of sin is arguing with God. In terms of the Law Covenants, God places a very high priority on social stability (shalom). His revelation obliges us to act consistent with His character, which is woven into the … Continue reading

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EH&D 6

(This is a serialization of the draft for my book, Expectations, Hopes and Dreams. Regular readers will recognize this as a rewrite of a previous post.) Leverage I mentioned previously the concept of recognizing the authority of others over us … Continue reading

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