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I Saw This One Coming

Just a reminder: Politics is a spectator sport for me. I have zero sympathy for any current political organization or agenda. No government on this earth does what God requires so there’s no point in taking sides with anyone. Back … Continue reading

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Photo Log 3: Watkins Lake Loop

“It’s good training!” That’s what we tell ourselves when something unexpected mars your training exercise. Today’s journey takes us straight east and into Pottawatomie County. The route is mostly a matter of SE 44th one way and SE 59th the … Continue reading

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Photo Log 2: Biking East OK County

Today’s journey takes us to Harrah (pronounced hair’-uh), but also the spot in Choctaw where the river has already eaten a house and is now threatening a major thoroughfare. The original story of the house, with pictures, is here from … Continue reading

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Untangling Activist Logic

Activist logic does not even qualify as decent Aristotelian logic. In order to reject the primacy of Aristotelian epistemology, I first had to understand it to some degree. This didn’t come as some dreamy longing for swords and sorcery. It … Continue reading

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