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Your Living Treasure

This business of following Jesus is all about breaking apart the false assumptions this world has fed you. Here’s one false assumption: The basic purpose of a business is to make a profit. That’s so obvious that most people take … Continue reading

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You Get What You Ask For

There’s a lot of economics posturing out there, and the noise gets louder as things get more difficult. That is, it gets loudest when one special interest or another isn’t happy with their share of the loot. Something you need … Continue reading

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Divine Justice and Real Estate

Let’s clarify something else about Biblical Law — private property (i.e., real estate). Keep in mind that the fundamental assumption is that ANE feudalism is God’s design for human government. With that comes a certain amount of social structure. God … Continue reading

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Economics Doesn’t Exist

Economics isn’t a useful body of theory, but merely a set of observations of human behavior regarding material goods and services within a specific context. I was certified to teach economics, one of the few public school teachers with that … Continue reading

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