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Silence Is Sin

Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to establish in our minds a fundamental truth: What happens in this world really doesn’t matter in the ultimate sense. What matters is our commitment. Your heart-led conviction will lead to specific choices … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: Epilogue

There is one practical matter that needs a little attention. The New Testament lays out the qualifications of pastors. This is the moral and spiritual leader, the preacher and ceremonial guide we associate with priesthood. This is the “hired gun” … Continue reading

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A Christmas Gift

We’ll suspend the book for one day while I offer this Christmas present. I wish I had to the words for it. This is a vision; not the kind that appear before you, but the kind that grows organically from … Continue reading

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Bigger Than All of Us

This is a work in progress. I’m trying to gather together some threads that have pulled out of the fabric; at the same time, I’m trying to untangle some others. A good rug under your feet can turn shifting sands … Continue reading

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Networking Elder

This business of eldercraft could use a little more declaration. As always, the biggest problem is the mountain of sludge that is our Western culture. And it’s worst of all here in the US. I’ve lived in other parts of … Continue reading

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FYI: The laptop fund stands at $231. The odd figure is because PayPal sometimes takes a bite out of donations. Still, that’s the easiest way to handle money changing hands. —— ecumenism: a belief and practice of unity with other … Continue reading

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Dreams, Visions and Plans

Yes, I honestly believe in private revelations, dreams and visions. I reject the notion that we can know only what we perceive with our senses and reason. I can know things that come down into my head from my spirit; … Continue reading

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