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Odds in Our Favor

Consider this article from Slashdot. It refers in turn to this NYTimes editorial. All of this links back to this blueprint from Google on how to use advertising to manipulate people. If you read the Slashdot posting, you’ll get the … Continue reading

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Faking It

I’m not essential to Radix Fidem; I’m just the guy who kicked the door open so everyone else could find out what’s been hidden from them for ages. Over and over again, folks, you are the apostles and missionaries and … Continue reading

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The Courier 08

Nothing could have prepared Franklin for what happened. It was surreal. The man seemed to have no trouble visually identifying Franklin’s location. The average human would have had trouble differentiating between the camouflage and the surrounding rocks. However, Franklin had … Continue reading

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Wordless Truth

(This is the instructional portion of today’s message. The prophetic portion is in another blog post.) Of course, I used the word “instructional” advisedly because it can’t be taught, only caught. Nobody can tell you much about how the heart … Continue reading

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Eyes of the Soul

See this clearly: The destruction is wholly intentional. America is coming apart and a handful of people expect to profit greatly from that. Their daily existence is a prayer to Abaddon and Mammon for mass hysteria and the attendant slaughter. … Continue reading

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Manhood: Mastery

If inebriation changes your social behavior much, you already have a problem. Granted, human resistance to the effects of alcohol vary widely, but the point is that the primary effects of any central nervous system depressant should not change your … Continue reading

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Lost in the Virtual Past

Every day I log into this account and check some of the statistics. Apparently I’ve done something right because search engines are leading folks to some of my older posts. Granted, there’s a few that are controversial, like my original … Continue reading

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