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Odds and Ends 05

The new phone came in Friday afternoon. It took hours at our local provider’s store to get it activated. We still have no solid idea why, except that part of it was the failure to get a UIC programmed into … Continue reading

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Moral Good is Multi-generational 02

If you can grasp Part 1 from yesterday, then you are in a position to understand why we reject Western style free market capitalism and libertarian philosophy. Everything in the West presumes a fundamental orientation on the individual. Even when … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 31

1. Yesterday’s post was not meant to be cryptic. I’ll select one example to explain. You have news that Trump wants to pull out of Syria ASAP. You also might see reports from the various generals and civilian warmongers that … Continue reading

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Linux Migration Services

For the record: I am willing to work for free for anyone or any agency that needs help installing and learning how to use Linux on the desktop, laptops, or as workstations in general. All the more so if you … Continue reading

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Archives Update: Resume

This just an FYI for those who care: I’ve updated my resume to reflect what I believe is a better understanding of my calling from God. Resume here. Entertaining thought just for fun: The likes of NSA and other “security” … Continue reading

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Another Year Already?

No resolutions, no predictions — it’s not my style and certainly not my calling. But there are changes, little things. I packed up my desktop and gave it to my brother. I’m using my laptop. I put it on the … Continue reading

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Ironic Job Offer

So today in my email someone tried to steer me to a job opening as local coordinator (for Tinker AFB) for MAAF — Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. They like folks over 55 with social media experience and an … Continue reading

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