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Civil Religion and Entertainment

I thought I could avoid it, but someone wants me to address the noise about Trump, the NFL and the National Anthem. Look, on the one hand we have a bunch of spoiled, entitled entertainers who think they really matter … Continue reading

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Mythology of Fear

This won’t take long. Let’s assume that you, dear Reader, buy into some of my wild mystical blather here. The one thing you are going to run into again and again is the Straw Man attack. Our society fears mysticism, … Continue reading

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Playful Kitties are Better

The hard core gamer walk-throughs presented on YouTube are instructive. Back in my youth, I was a serious fanatic of Science Fiction. I could get lost in novels and short story anthologies for days at a time. I bought a … Continue reading

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Locking the Treasury

Something that I find deeply troubling is how most mainstream churches in the US still operate as entertainment — some more blatantly than others. When you watch the problems of their leadership, it’s loaded with all of the exact same … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Workshop

Passivity is the name of the game; there’s no work in the Devil’s workshop. The Cult controls certain things, encourages a lot of stuff, and lets everything else take its own course. In pursuit of holiness, the trick is to … Continue reading

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No Cookie Cutter

There’s nothing wrong with adding some entertainment value to your worship. However, when entertainment is the only thing happening, we have a problem. This is was my primary complaint with Life Church and a few other religious institutions I’ve experienced. … Continue reading

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CompSec and Browsers

The pastor seeks to protect his flock and mine is virtual, so computer stuff is essential as the means. There was a long period when Internet stuff was largely predictable. Even though aware of new threats arising every day, I … Continue reading

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