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A Ready Answer

We aren’t secretive; we are ignored. Radix Fidem doesn’t register on the radar screen. Perhaps you understand that the only way we could change that is to compromise on the very nature of what we do. Still, we struggle with … Continue reading

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Serenity in Other Words

Don’t get distracted. I’ll admit up front that I could be wrong on lots of things. In particular, I refer to my blather about politics and economics. I’m not trying to show you how smart I am; I’m trying to … Continue reading

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The Wrong Truth

The famous meme taking a line from a stupid movie — “You can’t handle the truth!” — had nothing to do with whether the truth was so mind-blowing, but that the person demanding the truth was so lame. It reflects … Continue reading

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Another Unpleasant Burden

Our rejection of Western epistemology isn’t absolute; we reject the primacy of Aristotelian logic. We grasp the common standards of reason and logic. We use it ourselves, but we insist that it has limited application. Our reality is far bigger … Continue reading

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Secrecy Lies

Let’s explore another value shift: secrecy. In the Bible, secrecy is a valid tactic, but is immoral as a strategy. That is, you can deny your enemy knowledge of the facts of your tactical plan, but you cannot hide from … Continue reading

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Covenant Book: 07 How We Live

The American mind is exceedingly uncomfortable with the idea that reality is fluid and not static. Indeed, no two of us will experience reality exactly the same. That’s because reality is a person. While all of us will share enough … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Baloney

Brother Jay and I are chatting about something in the background: The Western concept of destiny is unadulterated nonsense. First, we have to deal with the impossible notion that God is not bound by the past as we are in … Continue reading

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