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Keep Watch for Turmoil

If you are heart-led, if you really buy into this Radix Fidem Christian Mysticism stuff, you are a threat to the system. I can tell you from working within the clergy of several evangelical denominations that what holds them together … Continue reading

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Update on Windows Snooping

If you happen to be interested in the subject, I ran across something fresh: NSA Collects MS Windows Error Information. The article discusses how the NSA is harvesting any bug report or telemetry sent from your Windows computer back to … Continue reading

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Divine Espionage

Jesus often sought solitude to pray. When someone discovers that their heart is a sensory organ in itself, that habit of Jesus makes an awful lot of sense that it didn’t before. Communion with unfallen nature is a divine treat, … Continue reading

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The rebel activity virtually stopped along the pipeline. During a joint investigation with a senate intelligence committee, in a closed door hearing, Tim learned that the clandestine funding for the rebels had evaporated. Ned later learned that the VIPs had … Continue reading

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The Courier 06

Barry had delightful stay with Franklin. It was the first time he had met someone face-to-face who understood his connection to nature. Franklin wasn’t so intense as Barry, but sensed the same things on a lesser scale. They chatted about … Continue reading

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The Courier 05

“Yessss!” It included a positive recommendation for Barry from his elder. He quickly ordered a duplicate of Franklin’s phone and requested a slightly different AI profile, something matching Barry’s age and background. This time they found an even faster courier … Continue reading

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The Fixer 11

Some promotion. They were exposed to more rebel activity than ever before. Franklin was amazed at his new cell phone. He had already worked out in his own mind that what he was getting from it was not fully contained … Continue reading

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