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May He Shine through You

From day one on this blog, all I’ve ever done is report what I see in moral terms. A few folks who see some of the same things have come alongside to help me promote this vision of what we … Continue reading

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Tiring of the Silly Stories

Let me clarify some things I wrote yesterday. Q is real in the sense it is real people working as a team with Trump. It’s almost certain that at least some of them are uniformed military people. However, they are … Continue reading

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Virtual Battlefield

There is no objective reality. There is only human experience and perception. The path of sanity for individuals and humanity as a whole is for perception to account for experience. It’s not a question of total accuracy because humanity is … Continue reading

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Watching Politics

Genuinely good people have no interest in ruling the lives of others. All political candidates bear some flavor of moral evil. As I’ve pointed out all too often, our current system of government, and our entire civilization as a whole, … Continue reading

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Good Bets

It’s not as if I have any secret revelations, but sometimes it helps to restate the obvious. All governments lie, some more than others. The US government is incapable of telling the truth, especially if the message comes through the … Continue reading

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