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Building Exemptions

We’ve discussed previously the image of painting the Blood of Christ on the doorposts of our lives to turn away the wrath of God falling on America. Most people don’t make the connection between that and our non-involvement in the … Continue reading

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Return of the Plagues and Exodus

Yes, the system is broken all to Hell and back. Without having a glimpse inside the Trump Administration, I suppose we could say he honestly tried to fix things. Fixing things would require stepping outside the partisan entanglements and doing … Continue reading

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Exodus of the Soul

This is not an exodus where we all leave the country. This is an internal exodus; we depart from this materialistic worldview and embrace the otherworldly approach to life. The America we’ve known will cease to hold us in bondage. … Continue reading

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Psalm 114

This is the second of the “Hallel Psalms” sung before the Passover meal. In Hebrew, this is the lyrical equivalent of a powerful appetizer — it is very small and simple, yet dense in satisfying flavor. These few brief words … Continue reading

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