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The Necessity of Trust

Maybe it’s my age, and it surely includes other factors in my life, but the only thing approaching an aphrodisiac for me is trust. It’s always been the paramount hunger in my world. I’ve become very wary of cuties because … Continue reading

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A Community of Penitents

If we aim to build a covenant community of faith, how can we not be friends with people who hold perverse sexual appetites? I reiterate that the question is not, “Who is perverted?” Who isn’t perverted? We are fallen creatures, … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 18:1-14

Luke pulls these two parables together, showing that the issues are related. There’s nothing remarkable about either one and both are among those parables most easily understood in almost any language. There was a judge, mostly likely a Sadducee by … Continue reading

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Leave It Behind

The biggest mistake was turning faith into a crusade. What’s the difference between enjoying entertainment and worshiping? Given how most churches operate, the difference is small. That in itself is not the problem. The problem is our habit of pushing … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 17:5-10

Having just previously discussed with His disciples the necessity of forgiving those who are struggling in faith to overcome moral weaknesses, the Twelve realized this was a huge task. While others might struggle over some of the simpler demands of … Continue reading

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Maybe This Time

What we seek to build is something akin to a cultural identity, but actually resting entirely on our covenant. History shows that a nation can stand about as good as any nation could if they are held together by some … Continue reading

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Where Are You?

Claiming monotheism is theology. It’s an intellectual position derived from a very non-intellectual faith. Henotheism is not theology; it’s a practice. In case that’s a new word to you, I’ll save you from looking it up: henotheism is the belief … Continue reading

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