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Mission and Means

The nature of truth is that is must be lived or it means nothing. This is revelation we are talking about here. It’s not that we are responsible for making sure anyone receives it, but that we are responsible for … Continue reading

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More on Meta-religion

What holds us together? We have no ideal. At least, we have nothing that most humans would recognize as an ideal, because our aim is otherworldly. Our union is communion on another plane. What holds us together is not in … Continue reading

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We Want More

Let me attempt to draw a picture here. I very much want a community, a fellowship based on shared beliefs. Not conformity and uniformity, because a primary doctrine at work here is the necessity of seeking to share what can … Continue reading

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Psalm 133

Here we have a gem that most Westerners miss, not because they don’t read it, but because they don’t get the full depth of meaning. The quintessence of all the biblical covenants together is fellowship and communion on a very … Continue reading

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Can You See the Vision?

It’s a parallel society. Keep in mind that in most biblical usage, “the world” is the fallen human society without redemption. It’s the same Creation, but with a blinding veil of concrete reality, eating from the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge … Continue reading

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Let’s recall something very important: In Christ we live the paradox of having on the one hand a command to commune with others because it’s the nature of our communion with God. To be one with the Father is to … Continue reading

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Let Me Know

I was born heart-led. As you might imagine, growing up in a world that denies such a thing, I lived a very tormented childhood. It was a wildly strange and twisted existence, where everyone kept telling me to live my … Continue reading

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