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Foundation of a Covenant Community of Faith

We build on certain premises: 1. God has revealed how the world could claim His blessings. The entry point for those blessings is the Covenant of Noah. Beyond this covenant, there is much more people could learn if they were … Continue reading

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Option Not Available

In a virtual parish like ours, most of you don’t notice it, but we have plenty of folks hanging around who really don’t belong. If this were an actual church meeting together in some facility in meat space, you would … Continue reading

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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 06

Dominion is love and vice versa. A critical difference between the Ancient Near East (ANE) and the West is that in the former, even slaves were regarded as having some dignity. It arises from the way the ANE approaches life … Continue reading

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Just Ranting about Stuff

I challenge you to search it out for yourself. Almost every mention in the Bible of justice and doing right boils down to protecting the members of society who are defenseless. It’s typically symbolized by the image of protecting orphans … Continue reading

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Hebrew Feudal Relations

I still read a lot of news about mainstream Christian religious activities. There seems to be some confusion about Hebrew feudal relations in the Old Testament household. Most of what we see in Western Christianity is far closer to Germanic … Continue reading

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Antidote to Fear 03

Satan cannot infest Creation. Yet again, it is impossible to declare principles. We are discussing moral truth, which transcends mere words. It’s not that evil magic cannot afflict you in this world, but that you must first believe it before … Continue reading

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The Cult of SJWs 02

I’m taking the liberty of linking this article again because I want you to at least scan the outline of how SJWs operate, and maybe see the advice on how to survive the attack. This is how some would handle … Continue reading

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