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Open Source Life

You can run into various terms when researching it — DIY, hacking this-or-that — but the skills and methodology mean nothing if you don’t sense a drive for it. It arises from recognizing that someone is trying to control your … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Tempted to Serve

For those of us who live heart-led, it’s not too hard to untangle the mess. This figure tells a story that is no way surprising to anyone who has worked on software projects before: demand for fixes and features is … Continue reading

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Installing Linux Mint (Updated)

This is not a thorough and detailed explanation. Maybe I’ll write that book in the near future, but I wanted to offer a quick outline of things you should expect should you decide to sample Mint. Download your choice of … Continue reading

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CentOS 7 32-bit

Yes, CentOS 7, the current release, is now available in 32-bit. You can go here and find the latest ISO image release, and it’s official. Keep in mind something: The support from EPEL and the likes of Nux Desktop repositories … Continue reading

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Open Source, Closed Mind

I support my fellow humans. People come first; my God says this whole universe exists as a place to guide people to His truth. That puts me at odds with the majority of the human race, but I genuinely love … Continue reading

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