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Outreach to the Red Pill Community

We have a covenant we call Radix Fidem. One of the fundamental concepts in Radix Fidem is the preeminence of Biblical Law. The term itself is synonymous with the person of Jesus Christ as the ultimate revelation of God. We … Continue reading

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The Best This Life Has to Offer

The will of God is its own reward. We can call it all kinds of things — Biblical Law, the character of Christ, the Word of the Lord — but the will of God for you is, in the most … Continue reading

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In strictest terms, to “orient” oneself is to face the east as the place of the rising sun. It so happens that, in terms of fundamental assumptions about reality, we would do far better to face the Ancient Near East, … Continue reading

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Dead Game

There is devastation all around me. On the one side, I see vast nations of men who languish under the lash of feminism. Worst of all, a vast carpet of Christian men who cannot possibly walk fully in the power … Continue reading

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ACBM: A Critical Element in Analysis

It’s not enough to simply translate some ancient tongue into a modern written language; you still have to deal with how language itself was used. During those years I spent reading both the ANE and Western classics of literature, I … Continue reading

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TMOC: Common Sense

(This is offered as a proposed fourth chapter of our book.) If you were born in Europe or the US during the past two centuries, your fundamental assumptions about reality are distinctly different from those the Bible. The West is … Continue reading

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