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Visualize Glory

Tactics are one thing; aside from broad generalities, it’s hard to teach tactics that will work for you in your personal context. Don’t copy my tactics. Understand how those tactics fit into our shared mission. Strategy is another thing; it’s … Continue reading

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You Won’t Get Out Alive

This world is a pitiful mess at best, and you won’t get out of here alive. So I’ll summarize the nature of my recent sorrows with this workstation. I updated the BIOS from around v.3 to v.14 and the settings … Continue reading

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Religion is just a word referring to the human effort to respond to the imperatives of the Spirit. Religion is how we do what God requires of us, so don’t buy into the silly nonsense that some religious activity is … Continue reading

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My Cup Runneth Over

Put on your subtlety hat and let your mind chase the implications. Last night a six-pack of patrol cars gathered around a house near here. The law officers milled around outside the place until the Medical Examiner showed up. A … Continue reading

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Mission: Keep It Simple

It’s only a dark secret to those who close their eyes. I’ve had a few ask me how to discern their mission in accordance to what I teach here. It’s not that hard. Keep in mind that I’ve often said … Continue reading

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Mission of Mercy

Your fundamental mission is always divine mercy. Anything you do is holy if your first desire is to please God. His justice and mercy are all one thing, impossible to comprehend for the human mind. Ill informed though we may … Continue reading

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