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The Law of Mercy

The Law Covenants are mercy. We are fallen creatures; we are the ones who abandoned the created order of things. That Flaming Sword of the Word at the entrance back into Eden was the most merciful thing He could do. … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Eden

Eden is not ephemeral. It is created, but it was not meant to die any quicker than the rest of Creation as a whole. It’s not eternal in the sense that God is, but it stands outside of time and … Continue reading

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A Path Back to Eden

We have to rise to the challenge. If our new approach to faith and religion means anything, it has to affect our thinking so that we can challenge faithless conduct. We have to rise to a different understanding of what … Continue reading

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Heart of Faith: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 — Testing, Testing I propose a test. Teaching the mind to follow the leadership of the heart takes time, for those who have never tried it. The full flower is when a firmly held intellectual belief is trumped … Continue reading

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Moral Power

Divine justice is reality. It is not a restraint in the sense that you cannot sin, but that you cannot understand what sin is, nor the consequences of sin, without understanding God’s Laws. Everything He did in Creation follows His … Continue reading

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Sneaking Back into Eden

The Bible portrays most human sin as various attempts to sneak past the Flaming Sword back into the Garden of Eden. It’s not possible to describe life before the Fall. What we have are characterizations and Hebrew parabolic language in … Continue reading

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