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Mission and Means

The nature of truth is that is must be lived or it means nothing. This is revelation we are talking about here. It’s not that we are responsible for making sure anyone receives it, but that we are responsible for … Continue reading

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Eyes of the Soul

See this clearly: The destruction is wholly intentional. America is coming apart and a handful of people expect to profit greatly from that. Their daily existence is a prayer to Abaddon and Mammon for mass hysteria and the attendant slaughter. … Continue reading

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Not Just a Spectator

This thing is a global disruption. It’s an established principle of economics. The model is flexible, but it works like this: You have a company that produces something that people want and need, and the owners manage to invest in … Continue reading

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Witness in a New World

Social dominance or effective leadership is always contextual. It requires the leader be aware of the contextual nuances of what people take for granted so that they convince others to follow. If folks don’t follow, you aren’t a leader. It … Continue reading

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Network of Souls

If my religion is called “Kiln of the Soul,” then any covenant community of faith arising from that religion should be called the “Network of Souls.” I’ve offered discussion of DIY Religion in general and DIY Christianity. Both are tightly … Continue reading

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