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Return of the Plagues and Exodus

Yes, the system is broken all to Hell and back. Without having a glimpse inside the Trump Administration, I suppose we could say he honestly tried to fix things. Fixing things would require stepping outside the partisan entanglements and doing … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 12

As I expected, the troops are growing restless. I’ve noticed how a significant portion of Q’s followers are grouching about the lack of action in arresting the criminal cabal in Washington. Some of them are bound to be shills, of … Continue reading

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Our Message Will Prosper

Let’s review: Globalism is the prettier and younger sister of the old hag, communism. They are both gold-digging materialists who waste everything they get their hands on so that everyone is left poorer. And then they demand more. Here in … Continue reading

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Civics Lesson

Today I’m playing the Social Studies Teacher role again. For what it’s worth, that was my professional teacher certification. I’m no longer in that field of work because I refused to conform to the political pressures from progressives who run … Continue reading

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Golem of Oppression

I’m not the only one proclaiming that God’s wrath is falling upon America. I’m not in a position to say it falls on other nations, and have no particular burden to wonder about them. Given the American affinity for global … Continue reading

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The Beast

I honestly believe that the standard bureaucratic hive-mind is the single best manifestation of the Beast in John’s Apocalypse. It works best if you envision the bureaucratic hive-mind as a beast, not a person. There are people involved, but no … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Activism

This is a postscript to Institutionalized Cowardice. I apologize in advance for the length, but I hunger and thirst for your freedom from deception. A major element in my enthusiasm for Glennon’s work is that it removed some mental blocks … Continue reading

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