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Covenant Manhood: Conclusion

You cannot compel anyone to follow you. The shepherd leads by his voice, not with a leash. People have to agree to your leadership, including your children and your wife. Creation and the Holy Spirit together will call people to … Continue reading

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Prayer Update for Johnna

Refer to this previous post. Johnna is now taking physical therapy for the degenerative disc condition and will be seeing a neurosurgeon for further treatment. As for the brain issue, she has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension — pressure … Continue reading

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Discerning Paths

We are healers. We who live by the heart of moral consciousness bring our faith and convictions to bear in a fallen world. We have found that path of the Flaming Sword back to Eden, and it is our mandate … Continue reading

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Progress: DIY

I’ve ditched the cane, now. I hobble around with the brace, walking slowly and making sure the leg swings the full range of motion with each stride so as to gently stretch everything. The brace was killing me, though. It … Continue reading

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Just a tidbit for this Sunday: When you discover the heart-mind faculty, it will physically alter your body. On the one hand, this is hardly surprising. If you can wade through all the medical jargon you will discover that the … Continue reading

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