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Try to Imagine

Typical is not necessarily normal. A critical element of heart-led faith, of walking by conviction, is that we are granted a stronger and more conscious connection to our own bodies. That’s a clear element in being more firmly connected to … Continue reading

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Taking Another Break

I had an allergy related infection start at the back of my throat yesterday. I’ve been fighting it as best I know how. It did manage to get into my sinuses, but the sore throat I’ve kept at bay and … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 33

Got a new headshot. I’m still letting the hair on top — such as it is — grow as it will. But despite all my best efforts, the beard was not viable. It wasn’t just itching constantly. Even when I … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Damsel in Distress

Her name is Johnna (jaw’-nuh). She is the daughter of someone who has supported my ministry for more than a decade, including taking us into her home for a time when we had no where else to go. Johnna is … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 30

My lower legs all scratched up from yesterday’s ride. Dragging a bike through heavy underbrush is not a recommended activity. But I still feel it was worth it to see that lovely shoreline. I’m trying to get used to working … Continue reading

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Off the Cuff: Vaccines

I suppose it’s about time for a fresh restatement on this business of vaccines. The concept in itself isn’t that bad, but it won’t work for everything. Give someone’s body a very limited exposure to a weakened version of some … Continue reading

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Sandy Trails

Took a ride yesterday to one of my favorite prayer chapels, the mouth of Crutcho Creek where it empties into the North Canadian River. Given the cold weather and lack of moisture, the river is way down, still cradling patches … Continue reading

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