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Boundaries and Fences

A critical failure in Western Christianity is the impossible moral climate. I want you to notice this huge, tall mountain of social expectation. Because you claim Christ as your Lord in a Western context, you are saddled with a massive … Continue reading

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We Aren’t in Charge

Radix Fidem: We rule nothing. At the most, we hold a very limited dominion in this world. We manage what few things Our Lord has entrusted to each of us as His servants. The probabilities of any of us having … Continue reading

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The Hedgerow of Lies 4

It’s not necessary to dig any deeper into the debate about Judaism and Jews. God has said repeatedly to His Chosen that He longs for them to return home to His revelation. We would love it if Jews would return … Continue reading

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The Light of the Day

Here is the heart-led way: Get to know reality; it’s a person like you and I, but without the fallen nature. It won’t be quite the same for any two of us because it is alive and has a personality. … Continue reading

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What’s Unplugged?

The heart-led path will take you places you could never have imagined. Shifting your sense of consciousness from your brain to your heart changes a lot of things. It takes awhile for your conscious awareness to realize it’s not limited … Continue reading

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The Mark of Humanity

Thanks to Jay, I was able to watch Blade Runner 2049. I’m frankly disappointed. Granted, I have gripes about it as a movie; most movies these days stink. But my biggest gripe is the very disappointing way the question of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus: Matthew 10:5-15

Most people don’t quite get what’s going on here. First, we have to understand something of the religious behavior of Jesus’ day. Jesus was an established rabbi; no one questioned His status. He probably wore a distinctive rabbinical garment. We … Continue reading

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