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Another Road Sign

It takes longer to set this up than it does to tell it. I’m posting a road sign here and it doesn’t warrant a bunch of explanation on my part. It does warrant a bunch of exploration on your part. … Continue reading

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Faith Persists

In one of my less pleasant dreams, a right-wing militia group was executing doctors and nurses. I didn’t have to ask why. Even in my dream state I knew that some of the fiercest Marxists in America are nurses and … Continue reading

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Prepare for the Mission

Our plans under the covenant of Radix Fidem have nothing to do with growth in numbers. If that’s going to happen, it must come as a miracle of God. Our mission is to build an identity, even if we are … Continue reading

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Our Brand of Evangelism

We don’t suggest that no one else is called, only that we know for sure God has called us. We have a mission from God, a mission that has stood since the expulsion from Eden, to establish a culture and … Continue reading

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A Kingdom of Awareness

How much of the social organization in Biblical Law can we actually follow? That’s for you to decide for yourself. As some have noted already, what we see in revelation is technically illegal in the US, in the sense that … Continue reading

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Foundation of a Covenant Community of Faith

We build on certain premises: 1. God has revealed how the world could claim His blessings. The entry point for those blessings is the Covenant of Noah. Beyond this covenant, there is much more people could learn if they were … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 16:19-31

Jesus is still poking at the scribes and Pharisees. After hammering them for their insistence on perverting Moses to feed their idolatrous materialism, He points out how there was no way they could qualify for entrance into His Messianic Kingdom. … Continue reading

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