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What Are We Doing?

In order to say more about elders and pastors, it’s necessary to step back just a bit and review what they are doing when working together. Jesus referred to spiritual birth in John 3. But this wasn’t new; He honestly … Continue reading

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The Lonely Calling

Our only ambition is to walk faithfully in our covenant of faith. Just a reminder: “covenant” in the Bible is synonymous with “law” until we get to the New Testament where the whole thing is deeply perverted by the legalism … Continue reading

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Chasing Their Tails

This is as much for me as anyone else. I encountered a bunch of highfalutin philosophical stuff this week. Sure, I can understand most of it, and I don’t like it. We are caught between two worlds right now. The … Continue reading

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Pastoral Psychology and the Heart 01

Radix Fidem is the name of our covenant and our religion. As long as I’m alive, this will never be formalized into a government approved tax-free denomination. You are a member if you think you are and you try to … Continue reading

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Faith Is Faith

Let’s clarify something: What we here at Kiln of the Soul call “heart-led” is synonymous with genuine faith. The problem is that most Christians use the word “faith” with a different meaning, different from what we mean and different from … Continue reading

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God Searches Hearts

God called me as a prophet to America. Sometimes I feel like the Prophet Jonah, but with none of the advantages he had in Nineveh. He got them to listen, but my country is yielding so far only a tiny … Continue reading

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Can We Keep It?

We emphasize the continuity between the Old and New Testaments. This is exactly backwards from what the Reformation did. Reformed theology is the basis for Dispensationalism, that heretical belief that the only proper understanding of God’s hand in human history … Continue reading

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