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God’s Reckoning and Support

You need two calendars. Did you know we just passed through a New Moon? It was on the 18th. Most of us who passed through Western Christianity struggle with the lunar calendar. Yet it’s quite clear the Old Testament put … Continue reading

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Heart-led History Lesson

You won’t get this from the history books because those who write them don’t acknowledge the fundamental truth of our human existence. Do you get tired of hearing about this heart-led stuff? Then go away, because it is the ever-present … Continue reading

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Serene to the End: Apostle John

Mainstream scholars are pretty sure John published the Apocalypse around 95 AD. Given what we know of the man, it’s a fair bet most of it was already burned into his awareness at least two decades before. Keep in mind, … Continue reading

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TMOC 6: Messianic Expectations

(I debated including this, so I’d like some feedback as to whether my readers think it matters.) We simply cannot hope to understand some of the events and conversations in the Gospels without realizing just what the Jews had in … Continue reading

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